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New flagship leads SolarWorld´s module fleet


Τρίτη, 18.04.2017 10:53

The new Bisun protect module is equipped with a special white coating on the inside of the back glass, which raises the front side power output even more. The white grid structure reflects the light in the area between the cells directly back into the cell, increasing the output of the module. That is how Bisun protect is using an optimum of solar radiation on the module’s surface, maximum power raises to currently 290 watts. Simultaneously, the implemented bifacial mono-PERC-cells use the reflected light on the rear side of the module and generate a significant additional yield. Furthermore, there is a module variant with clear spaces between the cells, which will be available under the brand name Bisun protect clear with a maximum power of 280 watts. Sunlight can shine through the glass between the cells. Reflections from the subsoil will be turned into a higher electricity yield, too.

Bisun everywhere
Both bifacial modules replace the monofacial glass-glass module Sunmodule protect. Thus, every glass-glass module from SolarWorld offers a bifacial extra benefit. Of course, customers can also use the Sunmodule Bisun as a long-lasting and particularly durable glass-glass module in pitched roof installations. When used in free-field systems and on flat roofs, customers profit from the additional yield of the rear without further costs.

Advantages of glass-glass modules are leading to lower LCOE
Following the company´s strategy, SolarWorld counts on particularly high-efficiency and high-quality products. Glass-glass modules are characterized by their high mechanical load capacity, minimal degradation behavior, a 30-year linear performance guarantee as well as extremely flexible assembly possibilities. The bifacial cells, which have been developed by SolarWorld on the basis of the highly efficient mono-PERC technology, additionally enable the use of the reflected light from the subsoil and thus open up new areas of application such as on bright flat roofs or in free-field systems. “The higher the service life and performance of a solar system, the higher the yield. This reduces electricity generation costs. Our promise to customers is: Whoever buys SolarWorld, gets high power and guaranteed quality – always,” says SolarWorld AG CEO, Dr.-Ing. E. h. Frank Asbeck.


SolarWorld REAL VALUE: SolarWorld manufactures and sells high-tech solar power solutions and in doing so contributes to a cleaner energy supply worldwide. The group, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, employs 3,288 people and operates facilities in Freiberg, Germany; Arnstadt, Germany; and Hillsboro, Oregon, USA as well as in a joint venture with Qatar Solar Technologies. From raw material silicon to solar wafers, cells and modules, SolarWorld manages all stages of production ‒ including research and development in its own company, SolarWorld Innovations. Through an international distribution network with locations in Europe, USA, Singapore, Japan, South Africa and Qatar, SolarWorld supplies customers all over the world. The company upholds high social standards and commits itself to resource- and energy-efficient production. With its program Solar2World, the company supports the expansion of solar power in developing countries. SolarWorld was founded in 1998 and has been publicly traded on the stock market since 1999.
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